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High quality support shouldn’t have an expiry date. That's why Tamarack offers free aftercare support to all graduate clients for as long as they need it. 

Why is Aftercare Important?

Recovery is a journey that doesn’t end when treatment is complete and it’s often been said by our clients that some of the biggest challenges lie in “life after treatment”.


For families* too, the reintegration into family life of a person in recovery can create challenges and stresses. In fact, research and reviews of good practice in addictions treatment have indicated that those most closely connected to a client in treatment must be supported in their own process of recovery if the client is to have the best chance of success.


Tamarack Recovery Centre’s Forward in Recovery aftercare program provides the vital connection many graduate clients and their families need in order to maintain the momentum of recovery after treatment.


We want to support you. Read on for more information about our distinct aftercare program for graduate clients and their families, review our FAQs for answers to your questions about aftercare, read what our graduates say about the program or contact our Forward in Recovery coordinator.

What Makes Tamarack’s Aftercare Program Special?

Our ongoing, free of charge services for program graduates
We want to ensure that the recovery skills developed by clients in our program are retained and strengthened when they return to their family, community and employment, that’s why we offer our graduates...Read more

Our tailored, sensitive and practical support for families
Family members of our clients have seen the worst and the best of their loved ones - they have struggled with them through their toughest times and have celebrated their return to sobriety when they complete the program. Recovery is their journey too and sometimes it can be stressful and exhausting. We want families to experience the joy of recovery, that’s why Tamarack offers families of clients and graduates...Read more

Are you a family member with questions about the Tamarack family program? Visit our FAQs pages or contact the Forward in Recovery coordinator for answers.

The launch of the enhanced Tamarack aftercare program is made possible in part by community grants from The Winnipeg Foundation and Manitoba Community Services Council. We are grateful for their support. 




* Tamarack defines family as those people who are members of the client’s support family of choosing or biological family who are an active support to the client in their recovery. Back to top.