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Please note that all Tamarack Recovery Centre publications listed here are available in alternate formats upon request. Contact our Intake Specialist at 204-775-3546 who will be happy to help you.

Use the links on the right to access our:

Intake Form – print and complete this form if you would like to join the Tamarack program. If you need help to complete the form or have any questions about the Tamarack intake assessment process, contact our Intake Specialist, Sherry Gable.

Program Brochure – a quick reference guide to our program, treatment philosophy and contact points. Use this brochure as a starting place for discussion about treatment with your loved one, client or employee who needs help.

Signs and Symptoms Reference Sheet – we encourage you to review this list and then contact us if you recognize yourself or someone you care about in one or more of the statements. We can help you consider options for support or treatment. 

Forward in Recovery Program Brochure - if you're a Tamarack graduate or a graduate family member looking for continuing recovery support, our Forward in Recovery program is for you. Click here for a quick reference guide to the features of the program or visit our program pages.

Privacy Policy - to see a copy of Tamarack's Privacy Policy, please click here.

Resources for Recovery

Our Resources for Recovery provide information to help you or a loved one maintain a healthy lifestyle during and after treatment.

Resources for Recovery - NEW Addiction Recovery Phone Support Service

Resources for Recovery - Online Recovery Resource List

Resources for Recovery - Mental Health Supports for Coping During COVID-19

Resources for Recovery - The What and How of Self-Care

Resources for Recovery - Healthy Friendships Support Recovery

Resources for Recovery - Reaping and Savouring the Rewards of Recovery

Resources for Recovery - Preparing for the Holidays

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“Tamarack really helped me find out more about myself
and about my problem of addiction.”