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Immediate help,long term support. Addiction Recovery.

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Our Staff

Tamarack Recovery Centre prides itself on its professional, committed and compassionate staff. Working together we ensure high standards in client care, addiction treatment and addiction recovery services. The safety, comfort and support of those taking steps towards recovery are our top priority.

The Tamarack Recovery Centre staff, led by our Executive Director, is made up of a Finance Manager, Clinical Supervisor, three full time Counsellors and eight Residential Care Workers (RCWs). This small but effective team gets to know and form genuine relationships with every client. Our approachable, friendly and supportive staff are always there for clients.

Who will you meet at Tamarack?

Our Intake Counsellor is typically most clients’ first point of contact with Tamarack Recovery Centre. She will talk with you by phone and in person to help you determine the best course of action to get the treatment you need. When you join the program, you will be assigned an individual Counsellor who will meet with you weekly (or more frequently if needed) during the course of your stay here. You will meet our other Counsellors and Workshop Facilitators during groups and you will work weekly with our Case Manager who will help you to access additional resources to support you during and after your treatment. After business hours you will meet our team of RCWs, dedicated support workers who are here around the clock to ensure that the safety of clients and the facility is maintained and that all residents have a supportive point of contact during evenings and weekends.

Our staff come from a number of different backgrounds, bringing a mix of experiential skills, strong academic qualifications and personal talents in building connections with clients. All share a passion to support individuals healing from addiction as they make positive changes in their lives.

Our Board 

Tamarack is fortunate to have a volunteer Board of Directors, a dedicated group of individuals who meet monthly to oversee the strategic direction of Tamarack Recovery Centre. The Board is active in Tamarack’s fundraising efforts and members provide a vital link between the work Tamarack does and the community it serves; building connections with business, community and agency leaders.

Find out more about our staff and board here.


Tamarack Recovery Centre follows due process in accordance with our Procurement Policy to ensure the process to contract for goods and services is fair and equitable. Tamarack never knowingly establishes contracts with individuals or businesses with which there is already a prior relationship.

Tamarack’s Board of Directors comprise several individuals who are involved in the addictions community, employed by other community agencies or who are business owners with a prior connection to Tamarack. All board of directors declare any potential conflicts and sign a conflict of interest agreement prior to serving on the board. At present Tamarack has one board member with a prior and ongoing business connection to Tamarack Recovery Centre. This individual serves on the board with the full acknowledgement and commitment that any board business directly relating to their company or similar services would be conducted without their participation or engagement