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Tamarack Recovery Centre Inc., originally called Kai Zan Inc., was created in 1974. Embracing the concept of extended treatment recovery and the provision of opportunities for individuals to look at the deeper issues underlying their addiction, the organization has grown and developed during its 43 years of operation. Tamarack Recovery Centre Inc. is now established as a unique treatment centre that is recognized as one of the most effective residential treatment and recovery resources available in Manitoba.

The organization’s current name – Tamarack Recovery Centre - is inspired by the tamarack tree (one of the few conifer trees that yearly sheds its needles to allow for new growth) and reflects its commitment to growth, change and renewal for the agency and the clients it serves.

In recent years, Tamarack Recovery Centre has developed its addiction treatment and addiction recovery services in order to ensure continued quality care, client comfort and safety. The Manitoba government, local agencies (such as the Winnipeg Foundation and the Manitoba Community Services Council) and individual donors have been important contributors to this work.

In 2012 Tamarack Recovery Centre gained full accreditation with Accreditation Canada, an achievement that speaks to the quality and professionalism of the services offered.

We strive to be one of the top rehab centers in Canada. After 45 years of service, Tamarack Recovery Centre is proud of its success in directly helping more than 2500 people. The agency continues to build on these achievements, positively impacting the lives of clients and their families every day, through the provision of quality care in a welcoming and safe environment.