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Tamarack Recovery Centre Inc is a private, non-profit, federally registered charity providing residential abstinence based addiction treatment and addiction recovery services in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

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Tamarack is one of the most well-established yet progressive treatment centres in Manitoba. Our unique structured program builds in flexibility, providing client-driven community-based treatment and support for alcohol and drug addiction. Our extended program and continuing after-care strengthens clients’ ability to make lasting change as they take the first steps towards recovery and as they rebuild their lives.


  • We believe that with the right support, everyone is capable of renewal and change;
  • Clients are provided with the opportunity to make a commitment to a healthier, more rewarding life and the tools to make those important changes;
  • Tamarack’s programs treat alcohol and drug addiction as a symptom of unresolved underlying issues and our structured recovery program is designed to help clients make the connection between long term pain and the use of addictive behaviours as an attempt to cope.

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Tamarack offers:

  • a 60 day residential alcohol and drug addiction treatment program for individuals who are 28 days abstinent from substances;
  • an extended 78 day program for applicants who do not yet have 28 days sobriety;
  • aftercare support and a focus on lifestyle management empowering clients to maintain long term recovery.

Find out more about the Tamarack Recovery Centre program and our distinct extended and enhanced aftercare support for graduates and their families.

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Tamarack offers:

  • a safe, comfortable, therapeutic experience within, not removed from, the community in which clients reside;
  • skills for life after treatment enabling a smoother transition back into the community and the ability to create supportive networks to maintain a healthy new lifestyle and the ability to deal with life’s challenges.

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Quality Care

As an accredited facility Tamarack Recovery Centre strives to be one of the top rehab centers in Canada through our exemplary standards of safety, excellence and professionalism in addiction treatment and addiction recovery services.


“This is a place I can be myself without fear.
I can talk whenever I need to
and ask for help without being a burden.”