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Immediate help,long term support. Addiction Recovery.

Speak to
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It’s never too early or too late to take action and change your life for the better. Tamarack Recovery Centre is here to help.

I need help

If you feel it’s time to make a change and begin your journey of recovery from addiction, you’re in the right place.

Our Intake Specialist can help. We encourage you to call them to talk about your situation and to discuss your treatment options.

Want to know more about how Tamarack’s treatment program can support you in making lasting change? Read about our program or listen to what our clients have to say.

If you’re ready to make a commitment to changing your life, download and complete our application form. Remember, our Intake Specialist is here to help you. If you have questions or need assistance with completing the form, contact us.


Someone I care about needs help

Are you a concerned friend or family member looking for support and treatment for someone you care about? Tamarack Recovery Centre can help.

Having a friend or loved one who is struggling with an addiction is exhausting and upsetting. As much as you might want them to, only they can choose to change their life for the better.  But there are things you can do to help.